Theory and method in Landscape archaeology

The aims of the commission are:

  • To address the concepts of Landscape archaeology and archaegeography. To assess the impact of inherited practices and social organization on the territory conformation (urban fabric, role of the elites, strategies of the actors).

  • To share experience and to promote new techniques in archeogeography: remote sensing, GIS,tools for morphological analyses, etc.

  • Contributions of the Archeogeography to actual questions: Resilience in landscape management Sustainable development, urban project

PRESIDENT Sandrine ROBERT, Université de Paris I, UMR 7041 Nanterre (France), VICE-PRESIDENT Ana Lucia HERBERTS, Scientia, Florianopolis (Brasil) SECRETARY Benoit SITTLER, Université de Fribourg (Germany)



Annual Meeting 2020


S. Robert and B. Sittler (ed.): Water as a morphogen in Landscapes – L’eau comme morphogène dans les paysages. UISPP PROCEEDINGS SERIES, UISPP – International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Archaeopress,Oxford, 2016, 104 p. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

F. Djindjian et S. Robert (ed.): Understanding Landscapes, from Land Discovery to their Spatial Organization, Proceedings of the XVI World Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (Florianopolis, Brazil, 4-10 September 2011) 4, Archaeopress, Oxford, 2013, 136 p.