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Declaration of the UISPP

Dear colleagues of the UISPP, The tragic situation in Ukraine, a sovereign and democratic state facing Russia's military aggression, challenges us all as citizens of the world, as democrats and as humanists. We send you, attached, the declaration of the International Academic Union (UAI), of which the UISPP is a member, and to which we fully adhere. To our Ukrainian colleagues, we express our admiration for their determination to defend their nation, identity, culture, language and multi-millennial heritage. The States of the European Community have put in place important measures to facilitate the reception of families on its territories, researchers in our institutes and students in our universities. Let us mobilize to help them personally as well. To our Russian colleagues, we give our every encouragement to see them take to the streets of the cities to demonstrate against this war, at the risk today of being sentenced many years in prison to express their freedom of opinion. We will also welcome them if they were to leave their homeland for their own safety and that of their families. We also think of the risks to Ukraine's archaeological heritage, whose richness is universally known, as a result of bombings, acts of war and looting: the Institute of Archaeology and its tangible and intangible archives, museums and archaeological sites. Let us all commit to protect it.

François Djindjian, President of the UISPP

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The UISPP, member of the International Academic Union (UAI)

The International Academic Union (UAI) is the global organization of national academies in the humanities and social sciences. Its objectives are to initiate, recognize, promote and fund long-term international research projects. Established in 1919 in Paris with a general secretariat based in Brussels, the UAI currently comprises more than a hundred academies from 63 countries and all continents. On November 25, 2019, the year of its centenary celebration, the UAI General Assembly voted unanimously to join the UISPP, as a member of the IAU. Read more


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