Flint Minings in Pre and Protohistoric Europe

The aim of the commission is to favor cooperation in the area of archaeological research upon siliceous rock mining (flint, chert, hornstone, radiolarite, jasper...), presenting and discussing methods and results. Some of the foremost fields of interest will embrace, among others: research upon different stages of “chaînes opératoires” of manufacture, specialization of labour and circulation of raw materials, characterization of raw material as well as investigation on flint mining sites belonging to Pre- and Protohistoric settlement networks. The objective of the commission will be to promote those lines of research upon flint mining and its methods which will allow a better understanding of various phenomena and processes taking place in Pre- and Protohistoric times. The international conference will also draw attention on this outstanding heritage and on its protection.

PRESIDENT:Françoise Bostyn VICE-PRESIDENT: François Giligny SECRETARY:Anne Hauzeur


“Mining and Quarrying. Geological Characterisation, Knapping Processes and Distribution Networks during Pre- and Protohistoric Times“

7th International Conference in Mons and Spiennes (Belgium)

28th September – 1st October 2016

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