Biological Anthropology

The commission composed of a worldwide groups of scholars aims at discussing and sharing information about all the disciplines related to biological anthropology. In the specific, the principal goals of the commission are to divulgate new discoveries, discuss new theories and share innovative methodologies correlated to the study of human extinct and extant population in a biological and evolutionary perspectives. Biological anthropology is in a continuous development thanks to the integration of new fossils and the improvement of new methodologies, that’s why the interdisciplinary and international aspect of the commission is a plus to improve and share our knowledge and to stay informed of what is happening in the world of anthropology. Finally, the commission intention is to galvanise the research in anthropology encouraging the discussion between research groups from different institutions. Concretely, as part of the action of the commission, scientific meetings will be organized yearly in different specific topics and special sessions organized by different member of the commission will take place during the UISPP congresses.

PRESIDENT Dominique Grimaud-Hervé - SECRETARYJulie Arnaud - VICE-PRESIDENT Carlos Lorenzo Merino -


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