UISPP XVIII World Congress - June 2018

Prehistoric research, at the beginning of the third millennium, faces contradictory challenges. While scientific advances and technological resources enable new analytical procedures, with the production and dissemination of relevant new knowledge, institutional and financial resources for research are increasingly called into question, and in several countries contextual instability prevents any field or laboratory research being carried out. In this context, scholars are confronted with the need to strengthen their research networks across countries and continents, in an attempt to ensure that no constraints, beyond the requirements of research, restrict their participation in research programmes, meetings or congresses.

In this context, the IUPPS has built a web of research networks, through its 30 scientific commissions, organised on the five continents in seven main areas: Historiography, Methods and Theories; Technology and Economy; Specific Environments; Culture and Economy; Art and Culture; and Archaeology and Societies. These commissions are responsible for a large share of current world research, and constitute the core of the IUPPS.

Taking the above into consideration, and being aware of the difficulties involved in the organisation of a congress in 2017, the IUPPS decided to postpone its 18th world congress, which will take place from 4th to 9th June 2018, in Paris.

The congress website will be online from 20th September 2016. Calls for sessions and papers will be launched on 1st October 2016, and from this moment the IUPPS will use these website contacts to invite the archaeological scholarly community across the world to prepare their active participation.