North African Preshitory

The North African record is of key interest in the understanding of human evolution, behavioural development and palaeoenvironments. However, until recently, North Africa has been a neglected region despite the occurrence of Homo rhodesiensis with “Early Palaeolithic/Early Stone Age”, early Homo sapiens with the “Middle Palaeolithic/Middle Stone Age”, and modern Homo sapiens in association with “Upper Palaeolithic/Later Stone Age” and “Epipaleolithic” industries. In addition, to the human fossil and archaeological records, this region is rich in data allowing reconstruction of palaeoenvironmentsassociated with human occupation. Thus broader themes addressed in this commission concern the relationship between cultural characteristics, chronology, environment, and human remains, within the framework of the Quaternary.

PRESIDENT Boudad L. & Campmas E. VICE-PRESIDENT: Sahnouni M, Sari L. & Barton N. SECRETARY: Bouzouggar A.