First Stages of Human Evolution in Africa

The first record for human beings we count with is in Eastern Africa at about 2,4 Mya. The first technological behaviour currently attributed to humans comes from a slightly previous period, at around 2,6 Mya when the first Mode 1 assemblages appeared in Ethiopia. From that turning point human beings have initiate an evolutionary process concerning technological evolution, expansion of their territories and palaeoecology and changing of their ways of acquiring resources. That evolutionary trend concerning the expansion and evolution inside Africa, with the research on the territories, ecology, technology and way of life of humans during the so-called Early and Middle Stone Age would be the concerns of that commission. The expansion of humans is in direct relationship to the extent of Eastern African ecology into Near East but also to the new adaptive human capacities to overcome the spatial limitations and natural boundaries. The ecology and actual extension of those boundaries, as it is the case for the Sahara, are also issues to be developed. And in direct relationship to that, how human behavior and specially technology were adapting and singularising in different territories as it would be the case for Acheulean in different African regions.

PRESIDENT: Robert Sala

VICE PRESIDENT: Abdelkader Derradji

SECRETARY: Deborah Barsky