Archaeological Prospection

The Aims of the commission are: - build up an international network to foster the exchange of knowledge, people and expertise on archaeological prospection and remote sensing (aerial archaeology, satellite imagery, LiDAR, geophysics, field walking, …) - annual meetings: 2012 alongside the CAA2012 in Southampton (UK), 2013 possibly alongside CAA2013 in Perth (Australia), … - cooperation with other organisations that are involved in these fields, like CAA (CAA Special Interest Group “Meth-ods of Archaeological Prospection”), ArchaeoLandscapes Europe, EAA, ISAP, …) - exchange visits - sessions at various conferences

PRESIDENT: Stefano Campana (

SECRETARY: Apostolos Sarris, Foundation for Research & Technology, Hellas (F.O.R.T.H.) (

VICE-PRESIDENT: Arianna Traviglia, Macquarie University Sydney (