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The Aims of the commission are: - build up an international network to foster the exchange of knowledge, people and expertise on archaeological prospection and remote sensing (aerial archaeology, satellite imagery, LiDAR, geophysics, field walking, …) - annual meetings: 2012 alongside the CAA2012 in Southampton (UK), 2013 possibly alongside CAA2013 in Perth (Australia), … - cooperation with other organisations that are involved in these fields, like CAA (CAA Special Interest Group “Meth-ods of Archaeological Prospection”), ArchaeoLandscapes Europe, EAA, ISAP, …) - exchange visits - sessions at various conferences

PRESIDENT: Michel Dabas (

SECRETARY: Apostolos Sarris, Foundation for Research & Technology, Hellas (F.O.R.T.H.) (

VICE-PRESIDENT: Arianna Traviglia, Macquarie University Sydney (


CALL FOR PAPERS deadline JUST FOR "Space to Place initiative at DH San Francisco 2018” - 31 JULY 2018.

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TOPIC of Space to Place initiative at DH San Francisco 2018


Across time parts of the world’s shared archaeological heritage have been affected by damage, destruction or looting in the face of armed conflicts. In recent decades the threat of unintended or unthinking ‘collateral damage’, as by US-led military camps at Babylon, has been exacerbated by a strategy of deliberate destruction, as in the dynamiting of the Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan – a calculated attack on the cultural memory that those figures represented. More recently pictures of the methodical destructions of Palmyra and the old city of Aleppo (Syria) or Nimrud (Iraq) have illustrated the systematic targeting of heritage features from prehistoric to Islamic times without regard to their cultural, historical and socio-economic significance, whether in situ or in the illusory sanctuary of museums and those who care for them. The aim of this workshop will be to gather information from around the world about the problems and possibilities (both practical and political) of using remote sensing in the interests of heritage sites and landscapes before, during and after such events. Discussion will focus on methods of documenting, mapping, managing and above all monitoring heritage assets that can help in measuring and evaluating losses and transformations brought about by conflict situations. A key focus for the future will lie in the definition and implementation of strategies for the analysis and sharing of information through open access publications, websites, freely circulated data sets and related means of dissemination and discussion.

SPECIAL DEADLINE just for Space to Place initiative at DH San Francisco 2018 PAPERS & Expo Proposals Due online: 31 JULY 2018

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE : To submit your proposal for the Space to Place Initiative at DH2018, be sure to check the “Space2Place: Workshop on Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage in Conflict Zones” box so your paper will be reviewed in the correct category. Full submission info is on the DH website.

NOTIFICATION: 20 August 2018

PUBLICATION: According to the number and typology of papers, publication strategy (decided after the conference) will be based on two options: volume or International Journal Special Issue. Congress & Expo: 26-30 October 2018


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Kind regards Space 2 Place Chairmen Stefano Campana (University of Siena-Italy) & Maurizio Forte (Duke University-USA)